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BEDC Female Owned Bermuda Business Registry

BEDC Female Owned Bermuda Business Registry

Female Owned Bermuda Businesses


This registry demonstrates the powerful force of women entrepreneurs and business owners we have in Bermuda. Shop, service & support our local female business owners.

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Company Logo:Dangelini’s Cafe

Located on Front Street.
We have a daily selection of homemade baked goodies, specialty coffees and top notch customer service; always with a smile and sometimes with a song.
Stop by for the “Dangelini’s Experience”.

Company Logo:Sweet Pea Nursery

Sweet Pea is a small nursery school that caters to children that are two and three years old. Our enrolment numbers are kept low to ensure we can keep a safe environment without disruption to our educational programmes. We have two teachers and one assistant present that ensures the day runs as smoothly as possible. We are firm believers that children learn best through purposeful play so all of our activities are planned with this in mind. Our lessons are created around the children in our programme at the time as we know that a general curriculum is not a best fit for everyone. Each child gets what they need, when they need it. Hours of operation is 8:00 am - 3:45 pm with an option to enrol in the After School Care.

Company Logo:Expressly Yours Gifts

A unique gift giving subscription business that provides a whole experience through a variety of products that appeal to the senses. The are gifts that keep on giving.

Company Logo:Island K9 & Equine Supplies

Online pet store dedicated to providing the tools for dog trainers and local equestrians. Dog training services also available!

Mayouti-Yoga.pdfMayouti Yoga

Join our weekly yoga classes where mindfulness is placed on safe alignment and movement, using your steady breath as it focuses your mind and places the present moment at the heart of your practice. Placing attention on your breath, we focus on being present in each posture as we move through the guided flow. If you’re seeking a good whole-body stretch and toning, as well as an overall sense of balance, our yoga practice is an excellent way to spend time taking care of you and your breath, body and mind.

We offer two weekly options:
1. A mixed level class during which we move through stretching, balancing, and strengthening poses. You will guided through sequences and will often be reminded to stay connected to your breath as we go through the practice.
2. The six-week "Fundamentals Series" which is dedicated to connecting your body and your breath, one pose (Asana) at a time. Each week, we focus on one family of postures while keeping the practice balanced.

Also, check out our "Intro to Meditation" class. Every week, we take a moment to ground ourselves and plug into the here and now. Meditation, when practiced regularly for even a few minutes at a time, allows us to feel calmer, more focused, and better-able to manage everyday stressors. It puts a gap between stimulus and response. Sometimes that gap is all we need.

For the detailed schedule, go on

Company Logo:Blue Lily Consulting

We counsel clients on their End-of-Life affairs and being their own author of the final chapter in their life. Specializing in assisting individuals and families to recognize the importance of putting their end-of-life affairs in order before they reach a position where they cannot do for themselves. As a Life coach, I will assist with goal setting, cost saving, positive living, and helping those that just need some guidance, on where they want to be in life. We provide exceptional customer service that utilizes a positive and proactive approach. Devoted to alleviating the disappointment and loneliness of death through assisting clients.

Company Logo:fdconsulting

FD Consulting is a strategy leader assisting Senior and long-term care service organizations. We help develop innovative ways to advance senior care services through analysis, strategy, restructuring, planning and implementation. With our support any organization can excel and implement higher standards.

Company Logo:Caesar's Pharmacy

Retail Pharmacy offering prescription dispensing, health and beauty items,
gifts, toys, greeting cards and more

Company Logo:CAF.Bermuda Art Therapy Services

Providing creative therapeutic support to children, teens and Women. CAF offers private one to one or group psychotherapy sessions to help work through grief and loss, depression and anxiety. Adult sessions focus on help women find relief from life’s stresses. Divorce, separation or impactful sudden life changes.

Company Logo:KANS

Inspiring unique little thinkers through Art and Nature programs and
Decor that inspires people Spiritually

Company Logo:Longevity Athletics Bermuda

Longevity Athletics Bermuda (LAB) is a boutique fitness studio that specializes in cardio kickboxing classes, personal/partner training and nutrition. We take pride helping our clients develop custom fitness potions for active living and happy, healthy lifestyles.

In the LAB, our goal is to deliver innovative, dynamic, challenging and results-oriented workouts that are fun and help keep you motivated, while you work towards creating the body you always wanted.

Company Logo:The Brand Lion

Brand building solutions expert designed for women entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

It all begins with an idea. Maybe you want to launch a business. Maybe you want to turn a hobby into something more. Or maybe you want to get your Corporate personal brand aligned with your values so that when you show up you are respected as the expert. Whatever it is, the way you tell your story can make all the difference and I am here to ensure that your story is magical!

Company Logo:Heaven & Earth Creative Healing Solutions

*Art Therapy (Spanish and English)
*Accessible Yoga
*Crystal Sales & Consultations, Crystal Parties
*Ayurveda Healing
*Workshops & retreats

Company Logo:Bananas Party Boutique

Event Planning, Decorating & Rentals

Company Logo:Bananas Party Boutique

Event planning and rentals

Company Logo:Adrienne Smatt Designs

Creating personalized gifts and moments with pure, hand-crafted goodness.
From calligraphy to custom charcuterie boards to storefront signage and artistic decoration, Adrienne Smatt Designs delivers hand made quality you won't believe is hand made.
Adrienne has taken her love for lettering and study of art and merged them to create unique, custom items for any occasion. Currently specializing in Bermuda Cedar charcuterie boards, Adrienne also has charcuterie boards from reclaimed whiskey and wine barrels.
For weddings and events, Adrienne Smatt Designs has not only done escort cards, place cards and table assignments with traditional calligraphy, but also place cards made from cedar.
If you're looking for a special touch on an event or item, Adrienne Smatt Designs has you covered.

Company Logo:Blueprint Hair Studio

Blueprint Hair Studio is Bermuda’s luxury hair salon providing a full-range of professional hair services! From coloring to cuts, extensions, and bridal, Blueprint raises the bar with exceptional styling, education, and customer satisfaction!

Company Logo:PsyNeu

PsyNeu is a Psychology and Neuroscience mental health practice offering a range of evidenced-based therapies and services to achieve emotional, psychological and cognitive wellness.

Company Logo:I "DHR" U Fitness

Providing Personal Training and Fitness Classes.
Certified Xtreme Hip Hop Step Aerobics Instructor
Level 3 CPT

Company Logo:SPEXX Eyecare

SPEXX eyecare is an optometry practice where we provide eye examinations, contact lens exams as well as glasses and contacts lenses at an affordable price. Come see us! Seeing you eye to eye.

Company Logo:Distinct Apparel

Distinct Apparel was created by Kennette J. Burgess, Bermudian fashion designer and marketer. As an art director for over 15 years, Kennette has a distinct eye for creativity. This is why she started Distinct apparel, a God-sent enterprise branch of FOCUS Marketing where she can focus on creating empowerment clothing designs for her own line and also for her clients.
1. Kennette has combined her over 15 years of marketing, product management and design experience, with her love for Bermuda and passion for tourism to produce for you an empowerment clothing brand for the entire family. Distinct Apparel is not for everyone but only for those who ‘dare to be distinct’, which means to be unique and empowered. This clothing brand consists of 4 categories that represent Kennette: faith-based apparel, women’s empowerment apparel, black empowerment apparel and Bermudian Pride apparel.
2. Are you an entrepreneur or designer that wants to start your own fashion line? Distinct Apparel can help you too!
3. Let our team of designers create your custom bulk designs for your special event, birthday, sporting event, baby shower or blessing, reunion, anniversary, girl’s trip, homecoming, or wedding. For those who also need distinct designs for a corporate event, need business merchandise, or giveaways, we have you covered! See our portfolio if you like and email us to get started!

Company Logo:Bossy Boutique

Local small retail business selling both Male and female quality and affordable apparel and accessories. Meeting the demand of clients/customer daily for all urban trendsetters.

Company Logo:Aerial Therapy

Aerial Therapy is Bermuda's favourite place to Pole! Conveniently located just outside the City of Hamilton, every detail of our facility was designed with Pole in mind. We cater to all fitness levels, body types and Pole styles. With 13+ classes per week and 5 certified instructors who are passionate, experienced and diverse, why Pole anywhere else?

Company Logo:FOCUS Marketing & Development Solutions

FOCUS is an international strategic planning firm that FOCUSes on business consulting, product development and strategic marketing and is headquartered in the beautiful island of Bermuda with operations in USA. Our passion and specialty is in small to medium sized businesses, women-owned, minority owned, and new business ventures. Key sectors are trade and technical industry, retail, beauty, nonprofits, sports, healthcare and minority focused businesses. We do One-on-One Business Coaching, special Projects and Campaigns, Developing and Launching New Business Ventures, Product Launches, Project Management, Strategic Marketing Plans, Web & Graphic Design. We also do Clothing Design under our sub brand Distinct Apparel where we can also help entrepreneurs start and grow their brands. It's time to #GETWITHFOCUS

Company Logo:Nurture Laiche BDA

We provide a variety of scrumptious & delectable snacks for lactating mothers. Designed to enhance breastmilk production. 100% natural ~ Made in Bermuda

Company Logo:Business Name:Business Website:Descriptions of Goods & Services
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