Free Market Vendor programme was created to provide an opportunity for budding entrepreneurs and small roadside vendors to gather and sell their wares in a semi-permanent location. In addition to marketing support from the BEDC, it is anticipated that vendors will also benefit by attracting more customers than they might as a stand-alone stall.

Future Vendor Markets will eventually be established with the next location created in the western parishes.

The Rubber Tree Market is the first of the Vendor Markets planned for Bermuda. Located in the western end of the Island at the junction of Khyber Pass and Middle Road in Warwick, the Rubber Tree Market operates Monday – Saturday from 10am – 8pm. It has already attracted a range of vendors with a diverse product selection.

Participation for vendors is $25 per week. There is no restriction on goods for sale other than alcohol and illegal items. Transactions undertaken at the Market are covered by the Consumers Protection Act 1999 and the Sale of Goods Act 1978 with its amendments. Please refer to the aforementioned Acts for detailed information on Unfair Business Practices.

If you are interested in joining the Rubber Tree Market, complete a vendor application pack and return it to the BEDC office to the attention of Roxanne Christopher. Alternatively, you may pick up your vendor application pack at the BEDC office located at Sofia House, 48 Church Street.

BEDC supports the establishment of markets in Bermuda as a celebration of Microenterprise.  BEDC through the FMV programme is please to support the establishment of the St. George's Olde Towne Market.

St. George's is launching it's Olde Towne Market on Halloween.  The Market will celebrate old European style street vending.  The launch coincides with Halloween and will be a perfect family outing. [Update copy]

Vedors will be selling a variety of items including:

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Local foods
  • Fresh Fish 

Interested vendors can download the application form and guidelines below. 

 Application Form
 Olde Towne Market Guidelines


The Uptown Market, launched in May 2015 is located in the heart of N.E. Hamilton in the Jamaican Grill Parking Lot on Court Street. This market will provide an opportunity for Business Owners/Vendors with Pedlar’s licenses to sell their products and interact with residents and the community at large in a positive family setting to enjoy food, fun and local entertainment. The Uptown Market is the fourth market to be designated a registered market and will be open on Saturday’s from 11am – 4pm. 

For more information about the Uptown Market or to register as a Vendor contact Roxanne Christopher at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 292-5570.



Tuesday September 1st 2015 will be a significant day for the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation when the Pedlars Act 1894 is repealed, the new Vending Act 2015 comes into effect, and the Corporation takes over management of the Island's pedlars and vendors from the Magistrate's Court. The Government's Vendor Market initiative was launched in May 2007 by the BEDC as a pilot that would support and encourage micro-enterprise within our community. The goal of this program was to develop successful vibrant markets that would promote entrepreneurship at the most fundamental levels. Since launching the Vendor Market initiative, over 200 vendors have registered with the BEDC and four vendor market sites have been established island-wide: the Rubber Tree Market in Warwick, the Olde Towne Market in St. George's, the Hidden Treasures Market in Somerset, and the Uptown Market in North East Hamilton.

The BEDC remains vigilant in its mandate to support vendors and the vendor markets through vendor training, market knowledge, as well as the provisions of site materials. One of the BEDC's key goals is to strengthen the vendor market industry and provide avenues for micro-enterprises to grow in Bermuda. Hence, this transfer of the oversight of the industry from the Magistrate's Court to the BEDC is a natural evolution in serving this business sector.

For more information on the Vending Act 2015 or the Vendor Market Initiative, please contact BEDC at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 292-5570.

  Vending Act 2015
  Vending Act FAQs
  Vending License Application Form
  Vending License Reference Form 
  Vending License Checklist
  Vending License Renewal Form