General Registration provides the following:

  1. Deposit insurance for coverage up to $25,000.00
  2. Unique Business ID#
  3. Quarterly Newsletters
  4. Notification of BEDC Seminar and Events
  5. Invitations to participate in industry-related workshops
  6. Business to Business Networking by industry profile
  7. Online access to your business details
  8. Business planning guidance documents

Premium registration for a fee of only $100 annually provides all of the above plus additional access to:

  1. Deposit insurance for coverage up to $25,000.00
  2. Online access to BEDC Reports
  3. Reduced interest rate and terms on loans and financial products
  4. Special discounted rates on Business Services with BEDC Partners
  5. Special discounted rates to BEDC Seminar/Events
  6. Notification of Government Contracts for tender
  7. Industry sector specific reports as available
  8. Online access to listing of local businesses on register- name, phone number and industry sector
  9. Online access to seminar presentations, videos and handouts
  10. Use of BEDC training and meeting rooms at discounted rate.
  11. ** Ability to promote business services and products to membership


** In order for BEDC to promote your business, you must be willing to offer BEDC Membership a percentage off or preferential discount on products and services.